Monday, February 27, 2017

Ladies Night

I had no clue the big event, no not Trump's speech, the really big event, happened last night- The Oscar's. I heard about it this morning. Sounded like one awkward night. Let's talk about the ladies...

What the frickety frack!? Fashion "experts" liked this. I say, What the frickety frack!?

Um, yeah. I sorta, kinda like the dress, but the hair. Lose, lose, lose. I don't think we'll be seeing much more of this young lady on any screen in the future.

And this style has got to go, the one shoulder peek. Pretty boring look, says, I.

Wowie, zowie, Cannot go wrong in Versace.

Gorgeous. The runner up on my short list.

And the winner....

She just emanated glamour. Winner all the way.

So, I spent about ten- fifteen minutes in La-La land. More than enough time, especially since I did not see one movie on the list.

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