Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ima Coming, George!

Wowie, zowie. It's not so bad being an Oscar loser. Your loser bag of goodies should help you get through. From a six day holiday in Hawaii, three days spying on George Clooney on Lake Como, and a ten year supply of make-up is just part of the package. You do have to pay taxes on booby prize, but still.... not bad, eh?

Only those nominated receive bags. Don't worry, those Oscar winners tend to disappear.

Speaking of losers.... what is going on with Harrison Ford? He nearly near missed a passenger plane by feet. What the hell? Time to take away his license?

Aaw, David is suffering from dementia. The Partridge Family was truly goofy and barely watchable, yet, he's from my era. It's sad to hear.

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