Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dis Americish Lie

I really don't know what is going on here, but it seems like a lot of stuff happening. Some child, a thirteen year old girl, is having her fifteen minutes of fame. I guess she was another victim of Dr. Phil, the doc who just wants to help. Um, yeah. Apparently, she's a bit much to handle says mom. Okay, so she's on the show. She gets upset by something said, then out comes this gobbled goop, and now she is (in)famously a fifteen minute comet. Yeah, kids. Been there, done that. Except... the language, oh, not English. This is what get on my nerves. The utter ruination of our language. Having been raised by the nuns of Juda's priest, this abomination of what was once a gorgeous way to communicate has permeated my ears and again, my nerves. I concede, I am not so good at the English, but I try. We all have our time to be stupid, or try to be cool. I do believe I used the words. "far out," back in the day. As far as I know, they are real words. "Cass me ousside," are not words, although we get the meaning.

Who is watching this 13 year old girl!? Drive her to school. Stand there and make sure she sits there. Drive her home, read to her, listen to her (It's going to hurt) hug her, hold her, be the adult, and don't let this child's life be a joke.

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