Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bloody "ell

How many soon to be four year olds want a cukoo clock for their birthday? Only one that I know of, and she won't be getting one from me. I have looked and looked. I simply want a bird to come out and cheep. Do you know how much cukoo clocks go for!? Thousands! What the hell! It can't be that hard. I don't need all that elaborate creepy shit on it. The cheapest I found was a plastic one going for $65. Pfffttt. Not going to happen.

Speaking of cukoos.... Why is everyone going carazzzzzyyy over Trump's hatred for the media? We knew that. Big deal. What's he going to do? Cannot stop free speech, dude.

You f-ing loon.

So, back to my dilemma. What do I get a four year old who hates everything I get her? I'll tell ya. A Peppa Pig collection of happy birthday friends.

She watches Peppa Pig so much online she has developed a fabulous English accent.


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