Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Van Gogh Chip For Sale!

Someone tell me this is a joke. A cheeto for $99,000!? Who would buy a cheeto for $99,000!? Apparently, someone.

And I get Tom Brady's jersey is worth some bucks, but $500,000 worth of bucks!? Who would want that smelly thing, except for whoever the Falcon quarterback is and plans some hoodoo voodoo.

Okay, each to his own liking. I would pay up the nose for a Van Gogh. My family would think I was nutso. It's weird. that money thing. I quibble over spending $30 on book of stamps, yet have no problem spending the same amount on pizza.

Money, it's weird.

And so are the people who use it.


KC said...

I think rich people are super weird. Maybe having too many choices makes you crazy.

Maggie Jean said...

I think so, too, KC, but give me one day to try out this theory. ;}

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