Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Mystery

How does one simply vanish without a trace? I found this very interesting article regarding the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. He had gone out with friends to a bar and during that time, Brian vanished. According to the article, here, Columbus, Ohio has cameras everywhere, yet, when video was viewed after friends reported Brian missing, not a trace was found. A camera shows Brian entering the bar, but not one image of Brian leaving.

It definitely is an interesting case. What do I think? Brian's mother had died recently from a rare form of cancer. I think Brian was devastated. I am guessing he left the bar undetected (obviously) and committed suicide.

It would be nice to think he is alive. His girlfriend called his phone number six months after Brian's disappearance and heard something, some sort of connection. The phone call was traced miles from the bar.

So, That's where I would start looking, although, Brian disappeared over ten years ago. Hopefully, this mystery will be solved.

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