Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Alternate Facts of a Dog's Purpose

So, I saw the video of the dog in the movie, 'A Dog's Purpose,' (now out) who is clearly refusing to go into the water, although the trainer tries to force him in. I also saw Dennis Quaid, yesterday, try to defend the actions of trainer and crew. Quaid was on Access Hollywood, looking very uncomfortable, as he said the video was highly edited; then added some BS about the dog not liking that spot and some ad hominem babble asking why the video is coming out now. Well, Quaid, like dogs, humans seem to have a short attention span, so showing the video now instead of fifteen months ago, was a wise idea. Quaid is really using the 'alternate facts,' card in this one. Must really need the money. It's not a movie I'd go see anyway and going by the video, it's not a movie anyone should see. We are na├»ve if we believe animals are not subjected to harm in filmland. I'm sure the people who train animals try their best to keep animals from being harmed. Injured animals are useless. It's a job- a job that has to pay the bills. You can twist it all you like, in my humble opinion, the animal was in distress. In other words, abused.

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