Thursday, January 12, 2017

So Much Time Put Into This Silliness by Moi

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I love Monopoly. Good memories I have with the game, plus it's fun, especially on a snowy day, playing with your angst ridden teenager who hates everything about me, but when we play this game, it's like a truce has been set.

Hey, Monopoly needs ideas for new game pieces. I saw many of the pieces suggested. As much as I love the game are we forgetting what it's about. People flipping houses. People going to jail for fraud. People sticking their paws in the company kitty. So let's get real about those pieces, shall we?

So sorry, something happening here. Anyway, spent way too much time on this poke. Kim, Kim, Putin, You know who, Hillary and a homeless man. Yeah, let's get real.

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