Monday, January 2, 2017

Make Mine A Size Venti

Huh? Seven in the morning, no coffee yet and I'm trying to follow this story. Right now, I'm confused. Come along with me whilst we see how my brain works, or, doesn't work.

An article in the faux news... A woman suing Kleinfeld Bridal because her dress did not fit and wasn't even what she had ordered. She wants her 12 grand back but Kleinfeld refuses. This news from TMZ. TMZ? the gossip hawgs? Why is that... oh, so there is some reality show--- hold on, I must delve further (without coffee) Hmm, looks like nice dresses. Did she order online? How can you order a wedding dress online, especially one for 12 grand? What's happening, here? What's the reality series (Say Yes to the Dress) about? I'll be right back... This show has been on since 2007. Wow, where have I been? Pretty basic concept I think. Show a woman in the process of choosing her gown, and all the fittings and stuff. People watch this? Laws, I need my coffee. Hold, please. Who is this woman, Randi Siegal? let's see... Ooops, looks like website closed.
Sorry I took so long, I got involved in some of the episodes. Hey, I didn't know Dads went to bridal fittings. Eeewww, Dad is picking out the dre... Anyway, here's a sample of the show. I can't find Randi. Oh, poop.

I can't upload. Umm, go to YOU- know what to see episodes.

I still don't what's happening. Let me grab the brandy...

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