Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm Ready For The Game

Oh, it's an exciting day in Cheddarland. We will be in front of our talky boxes, watching the Packers kick some Cowboy arse. But, what about the food, dear Thingy, you ask? I have it covered kids. (((wink, wink))) Of course, we must have cheese curds. I never heard of these exotic creations until I moved from the Flatlands to my beloved adopted land of cheese, porno shops, brews, and cows. But, what else is on my list, you ask? Hmmm.. perhaps this 1970's recipe guide would help. Aaah, nothing like contented guests and a belly full of curds and mystery meat.

I Am All Pow(dot dot dot) oh, sh*#!

Seriously, is this guy's ego so big he thinks he's more powerful than the sun? What a goof. Anyway, we are still here. Not tha...