Thursday, January 19, 2017

Coming to my Town

I wasn't even going to turn on the talky box tomorrow for the circus until I noticed an article in the local paper which noted 48 Hours was in town to talk about Trump. They came to my town because this has been democratic country since 1972. It also is a very divided town. 255 votes changed history, here. According to this link to story, some people at the Coffee Pot would not even talk because of family differences over who should rule this country. It's sad to see that people expect this town to go backwards. (Read between the lines) I have no idea who they interviewed, but I do know the only time I was a customer at the Coffee Pot, the only person of color was outside, sweeping the sidewalk. Hey, I love this town. I feel bad when I'm strolling along downtown, I wonder about the people I see. Did he vote for him? Did she? Life is tough and there are no miracle workers. If this town is expecting one, I hope for them life gets better. I hope for all of us it does not get worse. 48 Hours, with, Erin Moriarity will be shown at 7pm, on CBS.

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