Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day Six

If this does not frighten you, then I doubt I can change your viewpoint. I truly cannot believe what is happening in this country, to this country. After Trump was elected I had originally decided not to spend too much time on this blog writing about him. I can't do that. This man is dangerous. His views, his beliefs, his twisted mindset cannot be ignored. That also goes for all those who voted for him. I don't intend to go backwards in time. If we don't learn from past atrocities, then civilization is doomed. My only hope is that we are not too late.


KC said...

It's the fact that this is repeating history that makes me crazy. Why do it over again when you know it was a huge mistake?

^.^ said...

Tears dry on their own ... or freeze ... depending where U live ... Love, always. cat.

I Am All Pow(dot dot dot) oh, sh*#!

Seriously, is this guy's ego so big he thinks he's more powerful than the sun? What a goof. Anyway, we are still here. Not tha...