Monday, January 9, 2017

Burning Fences or Frankfurters or Something

What the hell? A Bush girl in tears because she got reamed on Twitter. Twitter is the new Gladiator vs. Lion. She's right, she is not perfect and no one is, and I'm sick of people hiding behind the internet to point and jeer. See what ya got me doing, defending a Bush! (and pointing and jeering) (((sniff, sniff)))


  1. Yep, Twitter is the Wild West for cowards. And the "how dare you not be perfect" jabs are inevitably going to the ladies.

  2. Me never look at twitter, facebook , facetime, whatsup and what ever else is out there, friend Thingy ... I truly feel if I do, I would be pushed into something I do not want ... LOve, cat.

    1. Yes, one of the reasons I had to leave FB.


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