Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Take This Train for a Halloween Freight

Ya really wanna scare on Halloween?  Too bad this tunnel only allows fright trains. I mean, freight trains. I now understand why some people would rawther jump off a roller coaster,  even if it's the stupid way off. If I was on this train, I'd... hmmm. If I jump off, I'm a pancake because there is no room to spare. Never, ever, no way.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Give Me Pus and Pass the Paste

I certainly hope Aaron Rodgers wore clean underwear after he headed to the. E.R. supposedly with a broken collar bone. I love to watch medical shows. I should have been a doctor because I find rooting around in someone's innards quite fascinating. There is a series I've been watching, Bizarre E.R. on Amazon (It's free for Prime members) It's a low budget sort of show where our invisible hosts pan on people who have been sitting in plastic chairs for probably hours, waiting to see a nurse or doctor, in the emergency room. This is all taking place in merry new England. The series is now focused on Norfolk. 

It's definitely a farming community since many of the folks, mostly old, suffer some icky owies usually brought on by mad bulls. Okay, I did say I tolerate blood and guts and pus and goo pretty well. What really repulses me is some of these people's personal hygiene. I cannot blame a farmer. They get a pass. It's the regular folks who are out and about who come in after drinking too many pints. It's amazing the amount of truly yellow teeth and even yellower toenails these people possess. I know England has some issue with dentists, apparently. I realize getting free medical aid does not mean you get fast service. It probably takes months to see a doctor, unless you go to the E.R. and still, you must sit and sit and sit. So, I can understand why people choose to do a pass on the teeth lumineering or whitening, but for chrissakes I'm sure they have toothpaste don't they? Perhaps it's just this area of England, although it looks rawther nice. And I'm sure they have toenail clippers. Yes, I know I'm being a whiny old meany, but did they never hear of the golden rule about wearing clean undies before going out? Yes, it's an emergency room, I get it! Give me a foot of blistering pus as long as toenails are clean. Give me leeches in mouth as long as teeth are white. I'm not sure where we will be headed next in this series. Perhaps where barons and countesses are repaired. I do hope they clip and brush.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

He Filled Up Our Senses

Let's forget about creeps for now, shall we? I'm sick of everyone who knew, everyone who was complicit, everyone who kept their mouths closed. Just...

Let's go to a guy who had the voice of an angel, who left us too soon, who will be remembered. On this day, we lost John Denver. Yeah, he wasn't a Nobel Prize winning artist with the words, but, he made our hearts bleed as we sang along. Such a long, long time ago.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stop Blaming Women for Men Behaving Badly

It's bad enough there are men in power who take advantage of women, and just as horrific is when women blame the victims. Twice this week I have heard two women say with their own mouths spewing out words, questioning the actions of women who have been violated.  One woman was Wendy Williams, who was discussing the arrest of Nelly, who was charged with rape. Williams said woman should not put themselves in situations where they could be assaulted.  The other woman, Donna Karan, also blamed the victims for enticing Harvey Weinstein.

Wow and wow. Both women have now backtracked, Karan saying what she said was taken out of context. Uh, hello, we all heard the words come out of your mouth. We are not confused by what you meant. Stop blaming women for the actions of horrible cretins. We have got to stop this insane behavior by men and by women who defend such vile behavior towards women. A woman should be able to wear what she feels comfortable in without being judged. Even if a woman chooses to wear a sheer nightie and stilettos to the grocery store, it gives no man or woman the right to violate this woman. I do hope women choose not to wear Donna Karan.

Speak up. Speak out, sisters. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pure Thoughts

Fly on wall: "Yum. Donuts."

Marketing department: "We just love this. We have a woman wearing a dark shirt, who uses your soap, and, voila, she is sparkly clean."

Dove exec: "This is about soap for skin, not clothes."

Marketing department: "Yes, yes, wouldn't it be awesome if the woman, who is black, changes to a pale, white woman? It totally shows how fantastic Dove truly is a remarkable product. "

Fly on the wall: "Hey, ya gonna eat that? By the way, bad idea. You see what I'm seeing?"

Dove exec: "Hmmm.  A black woman turns white. Our soap doesn't do that, does it, Fred?

Dove sycophant: "Dove soap is amazing, sir. It's your call."

Fly on the wall:  "Aww, hell's no. You having a diabetic fit. Let me eat that donut for you."

Marketing department:  "Demographics show us it's what America wants, to be great again."

Dove exec: "Yes, let's stand for the National anthem. Ted, make that buzzing go away."

Dove sycophant:  "My name's Gordon, sir. I'm on it."

Fly on the wall: "Man, this thing is going to hit you in your as..." (((splat)))

Dove exec: "Good job, Gregory.  Let's get on this, asap! "

Okay, so I really cannot get into these heads. It was easier stepping into the fly's sticky feet, or whatever it has. I just don't know what they were thinking and as far as I know have not explained other than to say they goofed.

Weird f-ing world. Bzzzzzzz.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another Fake Holiday

The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. It's embedded in my brain by the Sisters of Abusement. Useless information about a guy who discovered America. So the books said, and we still have a holiday named in his honor.  Most of us are now aware Columbus was not the first to touch down on American soil. Most of us now know Columbus was a murdering, racist asshole. So, why the holiday?  Oh, yeah, so government employees can get another day off and establishments can hawk their wares.

It's so stupid. Forget about it. Celebrate by honoring the native people who have taken white man shit for too long. Do something useful like respecting our great melting pot of humankind. And most of all, don't believe everything you read or were taught by the nuns of testosterone.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017


So, what is this noise going on in Cuba? Something is driving Americans coocoo. No one seems to know. Obviously, they are having issues just like the people in Fortitude. Oh, you don't know Fortitude? It exists on Amazon. It's a freakingly weird and absolutely entertaining series about shamans, polar bears, thawed out wasps, murder, madness, love... It's got me glued to my tablet every evening. Some of the bits are truly graphic, like the scene where a shaman cut off his bit. Yes, they show the bit. So, back to Cuba. Don't you love those old school cars? Hope they find out the problem.


So, this madman who slaughtered people in Las Vegas had also booked two rooms in Chicago during Lollapalooza, in August, where Malia Obama had gone to party. He never showed up. There is also word floating about murderer may have had help from a mysterious woman. I doubt we will ever know why he did it, although some speculate he just wanted to prove how easy it is to kill. A reporter (sorry, no link) talked a the gun shop owner who sold weapons to the killer. The gun seller stated he thought Paddock was a normal guy who came in his shop about "50,000 times a day." Yeah, that sounds perfectly normal. Also, if you watched the interview with murderer's brother, didn't you think it weird brother was completely shocked although, it is now coming out that was one weird family, full of violence and bad genes.


So, can we talk sports? Let's skip all the kneeling stuff and focus on baseball. Did you know the NYYankees won the World Series back in the day? Hold on...I'm getting distracted watching Russell Brand

on Wendy Williams. I love this guy. He's so funny and sexy. Everything I look for in a man.


So, I have sold a few books of mine, 'Hope to Sunrise,' although no feedback. I think I need to give up this need to publish my stuff. Everyone wants to be validated, I suppose. Speaking of assholes... (:}) do you think we are being to rough on the nut in the W.H.? He's uneducated, stupid, an egotist, misogynist, racist and down right oblivious to what is happening to real people, but it seems like as soon as he speaks people are right quick to jump on his ass. LOL. Just kidding. Keep the disgust for him coming.

So, something fun for Thursday...

Monday, October 2, 2017

'The Crimson King'* is Here

What can I add to this? I've been avoiding stories of mass shootings because nothing new has happened to change the devastation except for the GOP wanting more gun fun for citizens, such as legalizing silencers on weapons. I could sit back and shrug and feel rather smug when humans are being slaughtered. Wow. Yes, I could be one of those types, the type who is running this country right now, our very own Randall Flagg from Stephen King's book, 'The Stand.' I'm not trying to sound flippant, just making a comparison of fact and fiction. King's book is meant to entertain, to scare the beejesus out of us. I'm not sure if King ever believed we'd get to this point in our time. I don't know if he meant it as some sort of warning as he wrote the book. He wanted to scare us. For me, reading 'The Stand,' was a good thrill, something that could happen, but come on, not in my world, not really. Who would believe this country could be divided and people would choose an evil, crazy loon to guide them? Sounded so far fetched, right?

*A character in King's books, mostly in The Dark Tower.' who chooses chaos and evil over good.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Truth at Last!

Wowie, wow. 'Tis the truest words that come out of her mouth. So, this cannot be a slip of the tongue, merely a a blip of the brain. Good going, Huckabee-  Sanders. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time For A Quiz, Classssss

Good morning, class. Here's a little quiz. Nowwww class, get out your thinking caps and use that brain. Your award will be a puffed up ego, which is a sin and you will fry for that. Good luck. Ten points for each correct answer.

Do you know these skylines?










1 Boston- 2 Cleveland- 3 San Francisco- 4 New York- 5 Seattle- 6 London- 7 Kenosha- 8 Paris(if you get this wrong, you are not paying attention) 9 Tokyo- 10 Sydney

Monday, September 25, 2017

Are You Ready for Some Football!

Well, yesterday was interesting. It was a happening long time coming. The Trumper has finally achieved something no other president has been able to do. He has proven, we the people, have more power than one crazy motherf*^&$#@ on an ego trip. This is the beginning, folks, and the man who started it all does not even have a job. Colin Kaepernick probably isn't crying too much. He did something far more important than suiting up for a silly game. He protested peacefully. Let us continue what this very brave young man has started. Trump has been trumped, and it feels damn good.

What a shock. White men who drive around in circles have been threatened not to take the kneel. But, I digress... let's think of the forces of good, today. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Don't Worry About Me Knickers

One of the great things about looking back in our past is seeing what whacky kids we were. Wearing the fashion du jour is what makes our offspring point and cackle. This high school in cheddarland has had a policy regarding dress code for proms and, Under the Sea, type of dances. The ladies must submit a picture of the outfit they are going to wear in order to receive tickets. The young men do not need to show their wares.

What do I think? Must you ask, loyal readers? Why, it's ridiculous. I'm sick of the lower education system telling people what they can and cannot do. Do your job and teach the children well. Don't worry about what they are wearing. Don't gripe if little Johnny wants to wear a dress, or have hair to his bum. Don't threaten or warn
young women to hide their body because something bad might happen to them and it will be their own damn fault. Let these future geezers look back and laugh. Do something important like teach a kid how to read. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Uh, Hmmm, WTF, kinda movie

The movie, 'Swiss Army Man, ' is so strange I can't even tell you if I liked it. It starts out with a man on an island  (allegedly) who is in the process of hanging himself when he spots a man who has washed up on shore. This man is dead, very dead. (Played by Daniel Radcliff)  who farts  and farts  and farts. He has other special powers, unlike Harry Potter.

It's so weird, but it's obvious a lot of money went into the making of this movie. There are some wonderful moments in this film, offset by some almost cringe worthy stuff.

If you ever decide to see it, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oh My Darling Croissant

I've got a wee wee crush on you,
That chin, those eyes of azure blue.
Whisper oui, oui, in my waxy ear,
Your frenchy accent is not so clear.
If only I could understand what you say,
Let me by monsewer, I must get near!
We'll walk the park, the champ ellies,
Pour pink champagne down our bellies. 
Emmanuel, my favorite President,
We shall free trade you with WH resident. 
Make this great country chic again,
With perfumed boudoirs and sexy men.
Oh, Macron, I want you so,
No wait, come back, don't go!

Monday, September 18, 2017

One for the Bull

I love animals. Maybe more than people?  If what I say next shocks you, I won't apologize. It's how I feel.  I saw another article about a bullfighter getting gored after taunting a bull.
The bullfighter had no weapons.  The idea, I think, is to taunt, then after bull charges, guy gets on bull's back. Whatever.  It's stupid. It's cruel. It's pointless.  The bullfighter died from injuries, and I feel nothing for him. Bullfighfters are morons. Anyone who watches this, has mental issues. Now, that I have spoken my piece. Peace.

I came home after being away one night. Every damn time I leave for any extended time, I come home to a surprise, and not good ones. Usually,  it's my kitchen ceiling dripping water from the upstairs bathroom.  This time,  before I even entered home, I noticed my outdoor rug was chewed in places.  I open door to find squirrel going nuts (Nice pun) in living room. I kept door open hoping he'd go out. He/She ran in kitchen. I turned thinking to open window, then thought  better because I'm on second floor. Called animal control.  Squirrel was nowhere to be found, which is quite unsettling.  There is a hole in my kitchen ceiling. He/She ruined  my succulents and knocked off my nic nacs from kitchen windowsill trying to get out.  At no time did I taunt squirrel.

So, no, there is no connection to tales either than both are animal stories.

Oh, we also had a kangaroo at large in our community.  Now, that would be something to witness in cheddarland. He ran away from the pumpkin farm, but was caught and penned back with the goats. Weird.

Update:  Finally caught squirrel.  Hopefully the end of that.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Oh, Mother of Gooooooooddddd!

Darn. I was just recently pondering movies that I hide from- mostly kissy, mushy junk. This movie, 'Mother,' is not kissy, mushy. It's more like, gushy, gooey, gross. Have I seen it? Nope. I spent about two hours last night just reading the early previews and the spoilers. Don't worry, I won't tell. Well, much anyway. It's going to be hard to take folks. That's what every critic said. These are people who watch horror movies for a living and this scared them. Not just scared them, made their stomachs turn. Even so, they thought this movie was brilliant. It's thought provoking in its cruelty. Everyone had praise for Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence. I know some day I will watch this. I have to get up the courage to do so. I still have not seen 'Schindler's List,' because I don't think I can handle it. When was that movie made? So, this movie. Someday. Maybe. Director, Darren Aronofsky is unique. He's got a whole lot of nutty and brilliance in that head. I still think of, 'Requiem for a Dream,' and gag. Not really, but it's a movie that stays with you. I hated, 'Black Swan.' Hated, hated. Anyway, I'd love to know if you see it and what you thought.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Not The Ice Guests Expect

Yes, there are differences between what happened with Jews in Germany and what is happening now, in this country. The Jewish Community was living in Germany, legally. They should have had the same rights as every other citizen. Those rights were gradually taken away, until, their very lives were in jeopardy. There were heroes who tried to hide them, or to feed them, whatever they could do to stop the inhumanity. Along with the heroes lived the cowards, the haters, the most vile humans, who would give up children to the powers in charge. This article regarding staff who called in guests to ICE is so despicable, it makes my blood boil. Only cruel and ignorant people would want families separated. Only the lowest form would want a wall built to keep others out. People have crossed a border simply because they want for a better life. To have someone call these people out, is beyond the pale. It is something I cannot comprehend. What is happening in this country is truly evil. But, if you think you will win, you are wrong. There are too many good people who will not let darkness take over. Not in this country. Not in this world.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Much Adildo About Nothing

What is the big stinking deal? Is it because people are watching porn during work hours that has gotten people all up in arms over the 'Like,' Cruz "allegedly" gave some tame porn on Twitter? Cruz says it was some internal screw-up. He sure didn't do it, so he says. Well, someone is doing it, and watching it whilst people are doing it. It's a big business. It's Huuuuuuuuge. Is it wrong to watch it? Jeez, float yer boat, or (fill in metaphor) I wish people would be honest about it. We really are such prudes in this country. Let us not confuse porn with sex crimes, okay? And, after all that, I must admit, it's not my thing. I can't even watch two people kissing passionately. I cover my eyes until they are done. I'm thinking germs and bad breath and having to clean up that mess. But, hey, float yer, dot, dot, dot. We've got loads of things to worry about other than whether some Presidential candidate loser is feeling happy and wanted you to know it. We are now at the climax of this post.

Was it good for you?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Perhaps Ivanka Can Read it to the Creep

Are you going to read Hillary's book?  I might, for free. What is there she can say that we don't already know? I will always have respect for Clinton. I think long, long ago, she did have aspirations of changing this world for the better. Watching her during the debates and witnessing the running of the craziest race for President in my lifetime was jaw dropping, head banging, self medicating, poop.

Can I say surreal? It still feels that way. Sitting at my computer, watching the results as she lost and lost and lost, and Trump won, I was sickened. So, what happened? What could she have done to have become the first woman President? It still is too early to say, in my opinion, but what the heck, here it is.
One thing I did see in her is how smug she became. She was pretty darn sure she had it. I sure thought she did, but I wasn't the one running. She was so sure she'd win Wisconsin, she never even campaigned, here. That was a  mistake.
The e-mails, that was just plain stupid.
Her screaming at times made her look shrill, and fake.
Her illness. Damn, just bad timing, except for the fact she wanted to downplay that bit as if millions of people couldn't tell there was something off with her.
Her husband. He just looks like a beaten down old man.
She is bright, so very intelligent. She has spent her whole life in this wretched circle of kings and pawns, playing a game that involves human beings. Loads of people did not even vote.

Even after I have pondered this, I still cannot believe she lost without some hanky-panky going on.

But, at this point we don't know.

That's my opinion. Now, I think I'd really like to read her book after all, and hopefully in ten years, she'll write another. One where all her bitterness and hurt is gone, and the truth will come out.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Klever and Kute Kids

Boy, this article sure is relative to my life. Speaking of relative... bah dum bum... my granddaughter (Forgive me for my discretion. I know many people hate it when bloggers talk about their kids and other falling apples) This is why kids are so much fun. They are so clever and don't care whether something is politically correct, or, wrong, or stupid, or, will make them the talk of the day. My Moon Pi likes to hide my stuff. The scary part is how good she is at claiming she had nothing to do with it. I start to worry about my own sanity. My own grandchild is gas lighting me. Usually, I can find items in a short time, although, I'm still looking for the dang remote for the fairy lights. It's a shame we as adults can't walk around with whoopee cushions on our feet, or do somersaults our jammies, or hide all the carrots. When does being cute turn to being a tad touched in the head? Sigh.

Kids are F-U-N.

*Disclaimer: Kids can also be a pain in the arse. Take each day you are given with them with humor and wine. (wine after they are gone!)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It Was A Right Gobsmacker!

I'm sure there are other things to post about other than Trump, Harvey and Irma. How about, George?

George Smith (probably not his real name) got the first DUI ticket in England, in 1897. He was a cabbie who hit a building. History.com says so, although they are skimpy on the details. I'm going to assume George Smith or whatever his name was, had been sitting in a pub, drinking warm ale, whilst singing, 'Ding Dong, Merrily on High.' He stumbles out of the pub cause his old lady is coming to get him (word from the dirty streets of London) and gets in his fancy schmancy roadster with a boot in the back. Whilst going twenty miles per hour, he sees the Queen hitching a ride to the Tower. In fact, George was not driving that day. Victoria demanded she take over the wheel. As she had never driven before, she plowed into the Tower and a beefy bobby came along and bobbed George 25shillings.

Go ahead, try and disprove it.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Never Saw A Fat Man Run So Fast

Don't worry folks, in one of my posts, I urged you all to leave your homes and get out of harm's way.

According to Rush, it's all hyperbole. Those dang weather people just want to frighten you about climate change. Tsk, tsk.

As for Rush, he hauled his arse and smelly cigar breath to parts unknown, far away from those fake hurricanes, I'm sure.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

No Wizards, Here, My Pretty

We make decisions and choices our whole lives. I would assume we try and choose what we do for the betterment of our lives.

So,why then, do people choose to stay in a situation that could end their life? I'm talking about Irma and this woman's choice to ride it out. She says she has been through this before.  I doubt that. Even so, are you going to play out your life as if on a game show?  Spin that wheel, will you live through the night? Sorry, no money, folks and if you do survive, your material stuff will be gone. Oh, and not to mention your post traumatic stress after this.

I completely understand there are people who are old, disabled, poor. Getting out is going to be difficult. Still...

I don't drive. I have two wonky knees. Money is tighter than (insert yet own words)

Still... I'm going to pack a bag, a pillow, some snacks and start walking. 

I don't like when authorities say if you stay, tough tootsies, we're not going to help, but, it's true. Like  Blanche Dubois, you are going to have to rely on the kindness of strangers, just like the stayers of Harvey. 

What I'm getting at is, leave, leave, leave. By hitching, biking, walking. 

Just go.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Will You Take $1.99?

People, people, how many times do I gotta warn ya. You don't get money by giving money. I honestly do not know what happens to a person's brain when they think they can get rich. I do have empathy for this woman who got snookered. I also think her brave to come out and admit she was foolish, all so that others will not fall into this nasty con.

I also want to scream at her. Flags, flags,everywhere, dear. That green stuff, no, not, the wicked  weed. The other stuff. A big pile of money.

It does  look tempting. Me, if I saw that hunk a  hunk of lettuce. Well, I don't know.  Hopefully, I'll be able to keep my senses about me.

Plus, I have $23.56 in my account.  

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Stand by Your Bat Eating Man

I know, it's none of my stinking business whether Sharon Osbourne sticks with her guy even after knowing he has been unfaithful, six times, (that she knows of, anyway) I like Sharon Osbourne. She seems the type that doesn't take much sh#*. Yet, she stands by her drug addled, cheating man.

To me, if you want to make the official commitment, why cheat? Stay happily single and play around. It seems men want both. The woman who will give her life to him, and the women to have sex with.

It has always been this way with a lot of men. So, is this commitment thing a facade, a joke?

I despise people who cannot be honest with who they are.  If you are a serial cheater, don't get married. If you hate children, don't have them, and do not expect a woman to care for them, alone. If you are gay, do not marry a woman and screw up her life. Yeah,yeah, that goes  for women, too. Don't get married expecting a man to take care of you. If you all are in agreement at the beginning of your relationship, regarding what is verboten and what is kosher, then go for it. Just be honest, for crying out loud.

As for Sharon, I guess she loves the schmuck.  Not sure why, but love is strange. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Oooooh, Have Some Sheet Cake As You Watch This Movie

I know, the world is going mad. Some people like to eat sheet cake. I watch movies. I watched a 'mockumentary,' last night which was really good. It truly looked like a regular Joe who had an interest in ghosts, although, he didn't really believe, but still wants evidence. I get that. I don't believe, yet, it's so much fun to want to believe. Anyhoo, after, dude sees a video of a possible haunting he decides, with the help of his wife to spend a few days and nights at this house, the owner has left on a vacation while the couple have the house to themselves. Or. do they?

I liked this much more than, 'Paranormal Activity.' which was just too slick and Hollywood made. The Blackwell Ghost movie has the feel of a nerd's movie, without the frickin' annoyance of bad camera angels used in, 'The Blairwitch Project.'

You can find the movie on Amazon. After I watched the movie, I Googled for more information since their are no credits. Someone tried to hunt this guy down to no avail, only a guess. (Now, can't find link) That is really cool. It makes the movie so much more fun. And, that ghost, yikes!

Future baker who can do a great  British accent because of Peppa Pig

Speaking of sheet cake, I've also been watching The Great British Bake-off, which stars regular people trying to make some British goodies. It's like that American food contest, starring Scottish hyperactive dude, Gordon Ramsay, without the meanness. I've seen tons of the old show which starred judges, Paul Hollywood and sweet, Mary Berry. Only one show with the new judge, and a new host, Noel Fielding, whom I find extremely creepy. Just have fun with the bakers.

Friday, September 1, 2017

One Novella of a Story

Oh, hi. Just going to mention the book will be out in a few days. Strictly fiction. One novella of a story. It will be on kdp, kindle direct publishing, in, book and e-kindle. Thank-you.

** Heads up! There will be a discount for Bloggers and Googlers starting on October 2 until the 9th. The price will be $2.99. A steal of a deal.

The book is out!  If you just can't wait until October, the price is a measly, $4.99. 🤗

** 9:35 pm, Sunday, the 3rd. So, I have read the kindle version. For some goofy reason, italics don't work. The words meld together, so I have just revised that, which will take about twelve hours to fix. Book looks good. Hope it is ok. I have ordered one and will let you know.

If you did buy the e-book and it looks wonky, just get an update. I have the revised version, Looks good. As good as my monkey can edit.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Texas Makes 'Em Meaner, Leaner, Stronger

To me, the one image that will stay with me is, these women, who were stuck in an assisted living home, while the water rose around them. These are some cool cucumbers. They obviously have been through some sh*# in their lives if this didn't faze them.

Kudos to all the people who have helped. It's hard looking at scenes of distraught, stranded people, whose lives at forever changed by  a hurricane named, Harvey. It's also so heartening to see so many people helping, holding, hugging, and saving. I cannot ever realize the terror of these past few days by what they have gone through. We don't see the rising waters, the smells, the devastation of homes. But, it is the image of these women I will always remember after Texas is restored and reclaimed by its amazing citizens.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scathingly Brilliant Ad

This is absolutely brilliant

Will PETA A Peel!?

Let us discuss something besides the nutter in the House, and go back to this story, the tale of a macaque, who took a selfie, which started a brouhaha with those other nutters from PETA. They filed a lawsuit for the macaque, who probably didn't give two bananas for their intervention on his behalf, claiming the copyright belonged to the animal, not the photographer, who eventually lost his life savings due to PETA's petty and pointless perusal. Eventually, a judge, who seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, said, an animal cannot own the copyright. I do believe PETA plans to appeal, or should I say, a-peel. Ho-hum. You know (here comes the rant) PETA could do so many good things. I'm sure they do, sometimes. Yet, like a dog, they manage to bite themselves in the ass too often. We really would respect you, PETA, without your need to create drama to bring attention to your cause. Just heel, or, is that, heal? The photographer is very happy this image has been shown. It is truly a magnificent image. He would really like to be compensated for the use of his property, whereby beautiful animal took such photo. Pay up, PETA!

*Yes, I'm using Wikimedia to give more info, although, Wiki has been very, very naughty as well.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lottery Losers

Do you know anyone in Massachusetts? I do have some relatives who live close, but I'm afraid they would be the type who would lose it all in a matter of months, just like these poor saps did. It's really hard to go from rags to riches if you don't get financial advice. I know I could not handle it alone. Like Norma Babcock, I'd spend my money on toys and chocolate.

Let's hope whomever won, uses it wisely.

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