Sunday, December 18, 2016

Who Is The First Lady, Jackie or Moana?

I ponder why some movies are made. They seem to be aimed at no particular audience, unless the audience prefers obscure movies so they can boast they sat three hours watching the most wretched film. Now, I'm not saying the recent movie, 'Jackie,' is wretched. I did not see it. It looks quite stunning, visually. Looks like it cost loads of money to make. I'm not a fan of Natalie Portman, who portrays Jackie Kennedy in the film. I don't know why I have this negative attitude towards Portman, but I do. However, it would not be the reason for not seeing the movie. I just don't find the subject matter something that would keep me in my seat for two/three hours. It was an awful time in American history. A lovely lady married a charming man and most likely expected a fairy tale life. Didn't happen. I just don't care about her grief, her sorrow, her strength... She was probably a wonderful mother given how intelligent and 'normal' her children turned out. I'm not sure what the movie covers. Like I said, I don't care. Are others going to see this? Check out Mojo to see where it is on the charts. Looks like another lady beat out Jackie by a long shot, Moana.


  1. Awww... you make me sad. I am a big Portman fan. (She's a major reason I am vegetarian, actually.) I've not seen "Jackie" yet, but I definitely will when it's out in Ohio, largely because of Portman being in it.

    That said... I sort of see your point about the movie. I don't quite get why they made it. They went to great lengths to re-create a film of Jackie giving a White House tour--not sure why, other than to prove they could.

    I'll let you know once I see the movie, though.

    1. I know, it's so not right to dislike her for no reason. I'll think of something. ; }

    2. I was thinking about it... It could be because her most famous movies (V for Vendetta, Black Swan, even my sentimental favorite the Star Wars prequels) are not, IMHO, very good movies.

      What I love are her lesser-known movies--Jane Got a Gun, (My all time favorite movie, which I gush about constantly on my blog.) Brothers (a really well done drama) and My Blueberry Nights. (A weird but beautiful road movie.)

      Indeed, I think maybe the quality of a Natalie Portman movie varies inversely with its box office receipts and publicity.

    3. Don't forget Garden State. Ugh. Yes, I think of her in Garden State and Black Swan. I may change my opinion if I ever do see, Jane Got a Gun.

  2. Oh, and I happen to know the movie is only an hour and a half, not 2 or 3. So there's that. :)


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