Friday, December 2, 2016

Whistler's Mother#@!%&*^ Song

Haha, yes, I completely understand how this woman feels. If you don't want to go to link, here's the scoop. Some guy keeps whistling, 'Closing Time,' near her house. She tells him to shut up which was probably not the smartest thing to do cause it annoys the whistler who continues his mouth organ. So, lady calls police who eventually do find man some many yards away, still whistling the tune. Like the writer in article wonders, was she just annoyed with his choice of song, or whistling in general?

I admit, I hate whistling. It is like the scratching on a chalkboard reaction for me. Never heard a woman whistle, just a man. The terrible thing is, angry people probably don't whistle. I'm guessing the whistler is usually a happy guy. But gahd almighty it grates on my every nerve. As for the song, just imagine hearing that over and over...

Time to close this one up.

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