Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Tango of Film

I think I may have seen about ten minutes of, 'Last Tango in Paris.' It was so long ago that I don't even remember my reaction to it. The recent revelation in the news over director, Bertolucci's admission that the rape scene was not consensual is truly disturbing. This is old news. The interview with Bertolucci happened in 2013, and I'm sure many people knew even before that what had happened. So, why now? Believe me, I am not dismissing the heinous act of a woman being (movie) raped. I just wonder why now; why are people finally addressing this, expressing their anger and disgust?  Women have been vilifies, used, harassed, molested, threatened, degraded, ignored and humiliated in Hollywood, Bollywood, Paris since time began. This happens a lot in the biz. Actors mention this all the time. Women mention this ALL the time.

Yet, no one seems to be outraged this still happens. Last Tango in Paris was filmed in 1972. What happened was sick and depraved, and...

It still happens. Where's the outrage?

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