Saturday, December 31, 2016


"Surreal," has been chosen by Merriam Webster, as one of the words of the year. I'd say, pretty good choice. How else can we explain The Donald becoming out leader, one tiny finger on the nuke button, the other, tweeting away? Or, the Cubs World Series win? It's unexplainable. How about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize? Okay, I liked that one, yet, still a very surreal year.

How can I explain how I have felt these last few months of the year? Well, it's rather like I'm waiting to feel safe. You know how you feel when you can talk to someone, a friend, a mate, a mom, who will always make you feel safe when you are with them? I want that in my life, and for my country. I don't want to be Negative Nel here. I don't. History has proven there are dark moments. History also records our perseverance, our humanity, our love. Aye, this is a dark time. For my daughter and granddaughter, I truly hope this will be a very short stay in this darkness.

I'll be here next year. Hope to see you, as well. Hugs and best wishes for all.

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KC said...

Surreal is definitely the word of the year. The result of several people deciding to no longer live, or making decisions as if they are living, in reality. If only it were a nicer "dreamlike" existence. Why make stuff up if it isn't pleasant?

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