Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stop The Presses! Tired Dad

Gahd, I'm turning into a Grinch. It's going to seem like I'm man bashing in this story, but it's really not Dad's fault. Women are to blame, here.

A Dad, exhausted after trying to get home. He takes the baby. Baby sees lady. Wants lady. Dad and lady take turns holding baby. Story makes big news. Why?

Grinchy me says, if Mom had been on plane, also exhausted and baby would be fussy, would this be a story if nice lady and Mom took turns holding baby?

It was certainly a lovely gesture for lady to help out with baby. I guess it's a story because it just doesn't happen every day. A Dad with a baby on a plane, exhausted. Now, a Mom with a baby on a plane, exhausted. Not news.

What's my point, you ask. Women go gaga googoo when they see a Dad with a baby, holding it, paying attention to it, being a Dad to it. Is it that rare? Is it that rare in this day and age to see Dads with babies? I should say young Dads. I see them all the time; Dad's with babies. They look exhausted.

Stop the presses!

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