Tuesday, December 27, 2016

So Long, Princess

Carrie Fisher. Much, much, too young. I was not a big fan of the betweeners, the Star Wars after Hans and Princess Leia. I did see the last one when all the gang came back, and I loved it. I think I would have liked Carrie Fisher very much. She was funny and honest and a bit cheeky. It is so wrong for a child to go before the parents no matter the age. There will be many people who will say, "Who cares, we didn't know her." It's true and, it's not. They take us places we dream of, all in glorious film. They make us laugh, break our hearts, piss us off, and make us want more. She truly will be missed, as they all are.

12/28/16. Sadly, Debbie Reynold's, Carrie's mom, has died. What can one say. I opened my computer to see the news, and was truly disturbed by the article. Not that they got it wrong, her life, but that they had crossed every t and dotted every I, something they had ready made in the vault.

Peace to you and your daughter.

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