Thursday, December 29, 2016

Keep My Pearly White Skin Out of This

This has become an issue, something I've seen all too often lately in the news. White people, we are supposed to stick together, we are one, so if Joe Schmoe, the white man, voted for Trump it's my fault as well. That according to Samantha Bee. Don't include me in your diatribe, lady. Also, I have an issue with white people including me in their racist mind think, such as the woman standing in line in a department store berating and demeaning two Hispanic women. She said she was just saying what we are all thinking. No, we are not all thinking with pea brain behavior. How about those kiddies who chanted, "Build a wall, build a wall..." after Trump won the nomination? Just kid stuff. In fact some parents blame the Hispanic student who filmed the incident for inciting negative feelings and endangering their precious apples.

Look, assholes, don't speak for me. Do not include me in your ignorance, in your sick mentality. My white ass is not yours. I do not belong to any "community," because of the color of my skin. You want to spew your hatred. It's all on you. Don't blame me cause I am not with you, not one part of me.

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