Friday, December 16, 2016

It'll Be Alwhite

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Hacked! Seems to be something to this. So, now what do we do; let this fool still take over?

Can we have a do-over? Let's just keep Obama in there until we find two decent candidates. That's my input. Although, seeing how white Obama's hair has turned< I'm guessing he'll want to get out of dodge.


Mersey River

I was playing on computer this morning, going to one of my favorite live camera sites, Nova Scotia. Looks a little rough. I love it!

Chester Yacht Club


Of course, someone had to do it. They calculated how Santa could get to everyone before Christmas. He would have to go 62 million miles an hour in 31 hours. Whooo! Here's a storm tracker if you believe.


The snow is coming down. I have my book, 'The Great Railway Bazaar,' by Paul Theroux, hot chocolate, wine, pizza... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....


Oh, and Packers vs. Bears Sunday at noon. What could be awesomer!?

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