Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm Rawther Intrigued

Lately, we have been having a rawther good time with Eloise. You know, Eloise who lives in the Plaza in New York city. What I found out about Eloise is just fascinating. She was invented by a very talented woman, Kay Thompson,
who had lived in the Plaza because she was rawther famous herself for teaching singers how to sing, better. She also acted in a few films herself.

Eloise started out as a tease and a tickle in Kay's throat. Sometimes what is created is born from something so deep within we wonder if it actually comes from our ids. Steven King claims this phenom all the time. It's as if something or someone takes over and must come out. His little mind creatures are rawther frightening but Eloise, ah, Eloise, she is the quintessential six year old child who lives by no rules but her own, who is a princess in her 20 Century tower.

I find Kay Thompson quite an interesting person. And, Eloise, well, you must go visit her some day. You might just see her skipping across the Plaza with Skipperdee and Weenie.

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