Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hipsters and Nazis

We don't have the wise words of Jon Stewart anymore,but there are still people who call it like it is. Thanks, Seth.


Ha! Speaking of hipsters, I found a new cafe in town. It's hard to find because of the tiny sign and dark doorway, but once inside it is a hipster paradise. Coffee or tea, organic or fair trade, every kind of wine you could want, specialty ales (don't say beer) Baristas with tattooed arm sleeves and "F-you," attitudes. And, an amazing lack of people of color, unless you count arm sleeve girl.

What made me laugh and sort of pissed me off is when I bought my $1.85 Masala Chai, the hipster server handed my bill in a fancy bill booklet. (It's called a waiter wallet. HEY!) He wouldn't touch my dollars. I had to use the stupid booklet. After I drank my tea amongst the hip and white, I found a great bottle of wine for Christmas. Again, same deal. I held out my card, yet doofus (HEY!) handed me the bill in the booklet. Gahd, so pretentious.

You know what really pissed me off? ME! I put a tip in the wallet. Still bugs me. As does calling Nazis the Alt-right. I may get slapped around later, mostly by myself, but perhaps Clint was right when saying we've gotten so politically correct in this country. (((slap, slap))) Ouch.

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