Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hide and Sneak

Ah, to be young, and stupid. If someone had dared me years ago to try this, I think I may have taken the challenge, although, my preference would have been a book store. Ikea is the best. I get the store big wheels are a tad miffed because those dang youngsters still keep trying to get away with it. Great marketing, I say.

Remember the teen who lived in a Walmart for weeks? As I do some research (Research!?) I see many people have tried to live in Wal-Mart. Jeesh, if you are going to live off the griddle, pick something a little classier, like Target. Okay, living in a department store is creepy, as was the woman who lived in a man's  cupboard, then would come out when he went to work. Again creepy, but brilliant.

Perhaps, before I get too crotchety I will attempt to live in George Clooney's closet.

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