Monday, December 26, 2016


All in all I had a very nice Christmas. There was one little glitch on Christmas Eve. I told my three year old granddaughter she could open one present. She unwrapped the 64 (64!) count box of Crayola crayons and started to howl, then she poured the crayons on the floor and howled some more. She was expecting a scooter. Okay, funny and pitiful and rather hurtful. Mom gave her a time out. All was saved the next day when she said it was her best Christmas ever. I think she meant it. I did not go all out because she gets a lot of stuff from Daddy. Yeah, Dad got her the 'Hatchimal,' the latest craze for kids. I remember seeing something about it on some show where the host said the original price was $50. Well, this thing has gone off the charts. Daddy got child one for $130.00 x 2, since he had to buy two of them. I just googled the bird like thing and it is now hovering in the $300 range. Supposedly, this this can mentally grow up. Its starts in the baby stage to toddler to...what, belligerent teen? When I saw my granddaughter's, I was not impressed. It went, "Lalala," and "uh-oh," and hiccupped as its eyes turned from blue to green to red. It's not a cuddly thing, although it has some sort of fur on it.

Okay, this is not going to be a, "Get off my lawn," rant. I kind of get it. I wanted a play kitchen when I was young. Never got it. Also, this is a country of capitalism. I have no doubt moms and dads will be buying this thing no matter how high the price.

Yeah, we/I live in a country where we can buy $300 toys for our children. That's a good thing.

Isn't it?


KC said...

Really glad the Hatchimal thing didn't take off at my kids' school. Pusheen the cat I can handle. The stuff is still overpriced, but at least it is plentiful.

Maggie Jean said...

Ooooh, sell now I know the name of that cat I see everywhere.

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