Sunday, November 27, 2016

There Was a Lady....

Okay, okay, if you've been here before you know my story about me and my kid sisters lying on our living room floor, with our meatball size burgers, or semi-raw chicken, watching 'The Brady Bunch.' We chewed on rubber meat as Dad passed us, grumbling his way to his own room, whilst mom popped open another Old Style, and talked on the phone in the kitchen.

I don't know about my sisters but I never had any fantasy of switching moms with the likes of Mrs. Brady. I liked her, but there was a sense of distance from her. I really cannot think of any telly mom I'd trade with my own. Yes, I wanted the mom who would be home when we walked in the door after school, giving us hugs and cookies. I wanted a mom who told me she loved me, stood up to bullying teachers and told me I was beautiful.

I didn't have that mom. I wasn't that kind of mom. I think that mom is just an invention, which is good because we are woman who are just trying to do our best. There is no perfect mom.

I tried to do my best. I believe my mom did, as well. I wouldn't have traded her for any tv mom.

A lovely actress died this past week. She was mourned by many. It's the reality of life and death and tv sitcoms.

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