Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seven Million Dollars of Stinky Cheese

Hey, I'm not happy the way the election turned out, but the people have voted, so I will try to remain optimistic and hopeful.

I don't quite understand this recount going on in my own cheddarland corner. What is the point? Can it really make one iota of a difference? It cost roughly seven million for this. Think about that. Seven million dollars. That could feed a lot of people. That could buy winter coats, shoes, boots, hats, blankets for so many people.

Even if you had the six million dollar man deliver a million dollars worth of coats, that's still a lot of happy and warm kids.

Another thing on my list I do not understand.


Is there anything you can still find within yourself of that kid you used to be? I remember as a kid always looking for unique rocks or fossils. I still do that. I should have been a geologist. 


Before there was digital online free drawing sites such as, Picmonkey, Lunapic, and Photofunia, sites I use to create my works of art (ho-hum) there was the hand.

I've been doing a lot with the hand lately. Yeah, I like to sniff paint as well. Takes me back. 

I present to you my hand stuff.

Yes, impressive, aint' it?

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