Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mel's Lament (Cub fan forever)

It's over. Laws, it's over. I'm not a rabid fan of Halloween, but somehow I was bamboozled into going trick or treating with child and her apple. Apple decided to be firefighter ghost, then, raccoon firefighter ghost, then, alien raccoon firefighter ghost.

Let's just say she looked adorable. Honestly, it's my daughter who enjoys this night more then I or apple. We roll our eyes and scuffle along. I have to say nothing went wrong. For me, that's all ask.

But, I digress...

Dear Cubs, it ain't over til the fat lady sings. This is it fellas.

Here lies Mel and his Cubbie worn cap
waited in life, humming true blue still in death,
just taking a long summer league nap, to
 turn over and take one last ballgame blue breath.

We will replace his grubby old topper,
for the latest in martyrdom fashion,
the old style windy city showstopper,
a lifelong endeavor of undying passion.

Tis funny he lies in Ohio,
the land of Cubs foe, me oh my-o.
They must get some runs, 
from them native injuns,
but, be that as it may,
patience, patience, the fans do all say.

As for Jane, she cares not one wit,
she'd rawther talk to the oak trees, 
than hear the old goat grumble and spit,
that's strike one, strike two, strike threes!


Berthold Gambrel said...

Great poem! I live in Ohio, but have many friends who are Cubs fans. I don't even like baseball, but this series has been fascinating to watch. By the time you read this, we'll have a winner--it will be exciting either way.

Maggie Jean said...

The game was what a baseball game should be. A nail biting, nerve wracking, chills and thrills show.

Maggie Jean said...

Oh, and I'm a foul weather fan, but I was happy for all my relatives, even those long gone, who waited so long. To see them during this time was something special.

Maggie Jean said...

I don't mean I saw long gone family. Hee hee. Oi.

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