Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's Grim Around Here

I believe I've spent a good many hours waiting; waiting for my mother to pick me up from the clutches of the Sisters of Trumpery. Waiting for my ex, as he talks to some poor schmuck who didn't have the time to run before ex talked and talked and talked. And if you tried to get away, he would hold on to your arm. Me. I waited. I waited for my child to crawl out of my body. She preferred to stay longer than allotted.

Seriously, I hate to wait, especially when a certain company says the delivery is on its way. See, you can track it. Well, I did, and nothing moved.

I waited until 8:07 pm. They promised delivery before 8. No package for moi.

I'm old. I do not wanna wait.

Well, except for, you know.

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