Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm Using 110%

My head is spinning. Who can I trust anymore? I used to believe every word in the printed news. Now, we get our information from so many sources, and it ain't good, folks.

Look what I found in The Chicago Sun-times? An interesting byline about Stephen Hawking getting all excited because something big was coming. I should have been suspicious because of the hovering UFO near Hawking's head, but I took a gander and lo and behold, it's an ad for some pill that will let you use 100% of your brain!

Hey, I saw 'Limitless,' with Bradley Cooper. (Great movie) I'm betting these fakers saw it too.

Although, they have Hawking, Anderson Cooper, and even Bill Gates, advocating the usage of this miracle drug, I had to delve further being the super researcher that I am. ; {

I found a site where it states, "Geniux, A Hoax" but then the article claims the stuff is great. Hmmm, me thinks something happening here, and it isn't Hawking praising this stuff.

Hey, but what do I know? I could be making this all up.

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