Thursday, November 10, 2016

Einstein Was A Genius!?

Hey, I haven't been to this site in ages. I found this article fun and informative. Things your Ma told you which are total b.s., such as, bats are blind. Not so! Bats can see but use echoes to maneuver.

Did you know, wine does not get better with age? Article says wine should be chugged within a year of production.

I knew butter was not good for burns. Whoever said it never had a burn, apparently.

This is new to me. Mayo does not kill you if left out too long. It actually has acids which kill bacteria.

Now this one is interesting. Espresso does not give you a bigger buzz than regular coffee because the regular mud has more caffeine. Good to know!

Oh, ladies, vertical stripes do not make us look thinner. In fact, horizontal stripes are better for faux flattery.

Go to, or just follow the link, up there.

And don't get lost because moss on a tree won't help you.

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