Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Are You Ready to Gruuuumble!!!!????

Well, well, I must update you about what happened with my surgery yesterday.


One half hour before surgery, and two minutes before I was to be I. V.'d, doctor cancelled all surgeries (he had three)

Why, you ask?

According to nurse, he claimed he couldn't get into hospital website. He had a hissy fit. Nurse confided, all he had to do was change his password.

And this is the guy who is supposed to touch me and cut me.

My beautiful sister drove all the way from flatland to be with me and carry me home with my barf bag.

Yes, we plan to roar, but not until after surgery. If it ever happens with this asshole.


I really hate dreaming about my ex. The dreams are usually cruel. He's always so horrible.

Let me take you there---------

Night time. He is driving. He is angry. I jump out of car. (A blue gremlin) and run toward some bushes and up a hill where a man is doing some gardening. I'm trying to hide in my orange chiffon dress, when I hear man scoff and belittle me for hiding. Then I see gremlin heading back towards me. Ex gets out of car whereby I steal car and drive to a costume party. Ex finds me and he and his thugs machine gun the place and ceiling falls on our heads.

Yeah, fun times.


Speaking of fun times... my sister and bro in law have been happily married forever. They were childhood sweethearts.

But, something happens to them when they are in the same car together, and using the GPS to find their way. The hospital we were heading to yesterday was old, and as we drove through the neighborhood, we could tell it had seen better days. It makes me nervous to drive through where houses have boarded up windows and steel bars on doors.

As I clench body parts and my stomach grumbles (fasting for surgery) sis and bro are arguing about directions. I have been in the backseat of their car for several occasions and this happens every time. They turn into Sid and Nancy. These are baby boomers who have embraced all the techie crap of the 21 century (except for online shopping. tsk, tsk)

As my stomach turned, I really wanted to yell, "How's about you look at those giant green signs which tell you where you are and where to go!" I kept my mouth shut. Free rides are hard to come by. As well as wonderful sisters and bro-in law.


Half an hour and the polls open. Butterflies.


KC said...

Sheesh what a day. What a world! I hope your surgery gets sorted out soon. No fun to be all ready for that and have it not happen. I'll be pulling for you.

Maggie Jean said...

Yep, so ridiculous. Want this over!!! :)

^.^ said...

Good luck with ur upcoming surgery, friend J ... and good luck 2day, America ... awesome post ... very refreshing ... Love, cat.

Maggie Jean said...

Thanks, cat, : )

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