Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thingy, Elon and Aliens

Simulation hypothesis is really beyond my realm of intellect. I'm sort of guessing here on what this is...

Are the smart ones saying that we (Earthlings) are no more than an experiment, observed by alien creatures?

I have thought about this. Anyone with a brain has probably considered this, but, for this to be true...

YIKES!!!! Such a scary thought, but really, not impossible.

That is, if I am understanding this theory.

I found Elon Musk on an episode of Big Bang Theory. Zowie! He's sexy and super smart.

Here's the simulation-argument

Something to think about, I guess, unless we are just rats in a cage, then who gives a shit, yet, I do....

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  1. Way back then , about 25 years ago, a friend of my daughters said exact the same thing ... she said something like this: "I think, we are put here on this planet of the imbecilic peoples ... while the highly intelligent are on a different planet" ... o, well, I guess, we are stuck here ... it's snowing right now ... o well ... ya ... Love,cat.


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