Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little Pink Commie Houses

What happened to Magpie Tales!!!?


Why are people so afraid to open the biscuit cans? I don't think anyone has lost a hand from popping them open.


Ha!, I knew it was B.S. From Happenings magazine, Scott Lager gives up the scoop on speed reading.Normal reading is 200-230 words per minute. Some claim to be able to read 1000-2000 wpm but with 50% comprehension.

I remember watching one of those info shows where a young man claimed to be able to read 'War and Peace,' in an hour. Such a load of you know what.


Oooh, it's heating up on Facebook over Trump vs. Hillary. I am appalled and frightened by the number of old neighborhood hoodies who love Trump. So sickening. I'm off FB after elections. Yes, I'm going to go, "Nyah,nyah, nyah nyah."


Speaking of the right. I'm a fan of John Mellencamp. I see he is going to be at the Chicago Theatre. I also just read Johnny is very, very, conservative. Damn. Now, do I go see him cause I do like his music, or, do I stay home and paint my nails because I will be thinking of him as he struts to Pink Houses as a narrow- minded....???


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