Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reality Check

Seriously, the guy is coo-coo, and Clinton was on top.

If anyone can still defend this nut, you belong in the basket with him.


  1. ... for this nut ... for this egg(head) me make no room in me basket, no way, senora ... but have U ever thought of that he maybe paid big bucks to play the role of the class clown in order to get hillary into the oh not so white house, friend Mag? ... ya ... maybe baby ... Love, cat,

    1. I did consider that and it's not an impossible use of trickery considering how politics are run by nutters.

  2. Haven't gotten to watch it yet, but almost everything I read/heard indicates it was an epic meltdown by Trump. Doesn't sound like he did anything besides repeat his usual slogans and catchphrases. Sad!

  3. Love to be a fly on his wall right now.


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