Sunday, September 11, 2016

Old School

Hey, Hillary, do ya think you and your crew can stop lying? It's bad enough we have to deal with Mr psycho, I just want some truthiness, ok? You knew Friday you were suffering from pneumonia. Why the secrecy? So old school. Time to woman up. We are in big doo doo, America.


  1. I mean, I think she has the skills to do the job, but yeah, stuff like this...

  2. First of all, glad you are back to blogging! I missed you.

    Second, to speak a little in Clinton's defense: she was sort of damned-if-she-did-and-damned-if-she-didn't on the pneumonia thing. The Trump campaign had made such a big deal out of her supposedly being in bad health, I can see why she didn't want to admit it.

    In retrospect, she should have admitted it right away, but I do understand why she didn't want to.

    1. Thanks, BG. I'd rawther she was up front about it. She should know by now she is going to be scrutinized. It just comes with the job. How about that debate? Um, was that what it was? More like a BURN. Trump's tushy is toast.


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