Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's a Hero?

I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing the movie, 'Sully.' I don't care for disaster movies...well, real disaster movies. I like the Will Smith sort, where cities explode. But, this, nah. I haven't seen Titanic either.

Now, this is where I lose followers by speaking my mind. No filter here, folks. But, why do they call the pilot a hero? He did what he was trained to do, albeit, a truly stunning act. I always considered a hero to be someone who risks his/her own life for the sake of others.

I Googled the meaning of, 'hero.' (Typically a man!? For shame, Google)

a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Okay, I guess that describes lots of people, even Sullenberger.

But, not in my book.

My heroes...

Rosa Parks. Took a woman (even though men took credit for this) to defy the back of the bus standard. She had time to rethink her plan, yet, she still went through with it. Takes courage.

French Resistance. True romantics in my head, although it must have been pure hell, and so much fear to do what they did.

Every person who got on a leaky raft for the sake of their children, for a better life. They risk everything for what they probably realize will not be a much better life because of the hate, the bigotry aimed at them. Plus, they leave their home, broken as it is.

Victoria Soto

Every person who tried to protect another human being from mad men who hunt and kill and hide behind assault weapons because they have been slighted in some way or are just mentally sick.

Those who resisted Hitler. Those who speak out against Trump...

Yeah, you get it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reality Check

Seriously, the guy is coo-coo, and Clinton was on top.

If anyone can still defend this nut, you belong in the basket with him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh, Auntie Em!

 Oh, hey there. Been on a vacay. Nothing like sitting in a car for nine hours, looking at trees and rocks. Headed to the East coast to visit the matriarch of the family. After rest, another seven hours to reach our destination.

 It sure is clean on the roads. No garbage sharing space with the wildflowers. Then, heading back it was just as lovely until we hit Indiana. Besides the litter lining the highways, it was slo-mo until we got out of Chi-town. Great, but I'm glad to be back.

 Can it really be true Hillary and numnuts are in a close race? Just so hard to fathom. Plenty of lawn signs for Trump, although, I have not seen one sign for Clinton. Is it me or does Bill look weak and tired? Hmmm... Scary.

 Murder hits too close to home. My niece's cousin was murdered by a bastard who lured her into thinking he was a good Samaritan when he offered her a ride after she got a flat tire. I don't know all the details except family called police to let them know she was missing when she didn't return home. Because of her past with drugs and run ins with police, they didn't take seriously her family's concern. It wasn't until days later a woman called 911, whispering to dispatcher that she was being held captive. The creep was asleep and she had managed to get his phone. When police arrived (according to sources, 20 minutes later) they found the woman. The serial killer eventually led them to three bodies. Unfortunately, my niece's cousin was one of the murdered. Just an awful, horrible incident.

Let's end this on a bright note. What could be cooler than a cat and a horse as friends.

Well, what the hell. Guess it's not so weird. Went to Youtube and found a plethora of cats and horses being chummy. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Old School

Hey, Hillary, do ya think you and your crew can stop lying? It's bad enough we have to deal with Mr psycho, I just want some truthiness, ok? You knew Friday you were suffering from pneumonia. Why the secrecy? So old school. Time to woman up. We are in big doo doo, America.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ain't No Global Warming!

The hottest summer on record, they say? I do believe, I do believe. Here's how I know.

1) Thingy has fun with a fungi. (They are all over the place!!)

2) Thingy sweats like a sprinkler.

3) Queen Anne's Lace is blooming.

4) This is Denali in Alaska.

So, I may be wrong about #4. It's hard to tell with all this sweat in my eyes. I mean, glow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wanting To Let Go

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It's the accident I can't seem to look away from. I know I must once again push that 'delete' button. Eventually...

Especially after I saw the photo that nearly had me. Such an innocuous image of neighbors from the hood, hugging and smiling. So, why would this picture bring back such ugly memories for me? The me, who hid in my room and listened to the Beatles, Carol King, The Stones, anything that made me not think of where I was. I was a loner by choice, I always thought, although, it may have been an autonomous rejection from my peers. I'm not sure which came first, my voluntary exile, or will-less children bound together by circumstance.

That feeling of being lost, a drifter, a loser, has dissipated over the years, nearly melted away by the many good things that have come my way.

Yet, that one image brought it all back of how much I was left alone to live in my own thoughts, to build rage and hold in grief so profound I am still afraid to let go.

I felt again for the twelve year who did not understand and the me now cried for her.

I really do hate Facebook.

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