Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump is Awesome!

He's a genius. This is why the guy can spend his own money, to be king of America.

Yet... oh, he is so diabolical. Can't you see? He has no intention of wanting to be leader. His plan is to make the GOP look so sorry, so out of date, so un-hip, the world will have to take notice, as will the Ryans and the Christies and all the wanna be wall builders. He wants to show how stone cold people's hearts can be.

He plans to quit very soon and that someone who will take his place will have morals and values and not a tin heart. There must be one Republican to fit that bill. Trump will show us. He will. He will. So clever.

It's how I must think. Because the alternative is just too frightening.


KC said...

But if he could actually be king, he'd totally try for that. I mean, he is probably trying to figure out how to make that a thing.

Maggie Jean said...

I laugh at your comment, then I feel sad.

I Am All Pow(dot dot dot) oh, sh*#!

Seriously, is this guy's ego so big he thinks he's more powerful than the sun? What a goof. Anyway, we are still here. Not tha...