Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Bum Life

Hello! If you want to comment, I've gone back to Blogger. Those reading from Google + probably won't see replies. I wish Google would combine the two.

Anyway... let me tell you about some of the folks in my hood.

Today I saw an old man, who was wearing a bright orange shirt and cap come out of the bushes of an elegant, but abandoned building. He stood in the park, looking towards Main street for about five minutes then walked back to his bush.

I saw a fifty-ish man trying to ride a scooter. He was in the bike lane, well, most of the time. He kept switching legs and it seemed to be a struggle for him. Scooters are made for young legs.

I saw a young lady with hair up to there and shorts WAY up to there, talking on her cell phone to someone about her man.

I saw a young boy, perhaps, twelve, thirteen, begging for money in front of the dollar store. He looked well fed, with clean clothes, and I was amused at first for some reason. Later I was disturbed and angry. Why is this young kid doing this?

I saw an old couple come out of the grocery store, the old woman wearing shoes which made her look and walk like Frankenstein's monster. The old man placed groceries in the trunk whilst the lady sat in the passenger seat. When he opened her door to hand her something I could hear her bitching at old man. Reminded me of my Gram.

Just another day in the hood.


^.^ said...

I commented twice on you awesome blog, Maggie, and is no show of none of them ... k, then ... ok, if that's how you like it ... have a good blogging life. Thank you. cat.

Mythical Monkey said...

Welcome back! Missed you! Never stopped hoping!

Maggie Jean said...

Cat, I don't know why your comments don't show up but I do see them, and post them. : (

Maggie Jean said...

Thanks, MM. Feels good to be back, although I seem to be in trouble already. : )

Maggie Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KC said...

Ah, so good to have you and your observations back :-)

Maggie Jean said...

Thanks, KC. : )

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