Saturday, August 27, 2016

Perky People Prevail

I needed something to read and it had been sitting on the library shelf, staring at me. I'm not sure why I was hesitant at first on reading, 'Keep Moving,' by Dick van Dyke. Perhaps it is his aaw shucks, style.

But, after reading book.  I've come to admire the guy. He lives life to the fullest. He will be 91 in December and will most likely have many more years to go.

So, why? Why does he carry on, happy, healthy ( married to someone 46 years younger) and productive?

I thought of other famous people who are living into their 90's, still moving on.

Betty White- 94

Carl Reiner- 94 (with Goldie Hawn, who I'm sure will be in the club.)

Doris Day- 92

They are perky people. Like van Dyke's book title, they keep moving. They have all had traumatic experiences in their lives, just like we mortals. They are not angels, nor are they infallible.

So, why them, I ask myself, (and you)

One me thinks is, genes. van Dyke owns up to this. Good genes. They also take care of themselves and have a purpose in their lives. Day and White with their love of animals. Reiner and van Dyke, their need to make funny.

It's also their personality. They are just happy people. They find the good, the funny, the simple in life. van Dyke sings and dances whilst he does the grocery shopping.

My aunties lived into their 90's as well.

I can only hope to be a part of the Perky Club.

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