Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Is She One of Us?"

 I was standing in line at the bank, waiting for the only teller, who was speaking to a woman who appeared rawther odd looking, even for a Wisconsinite. She was very tall, wore overalls, with flip flops. She had the strangest hair style, and yeah, Wisconsin wimmen do have some weird looking hair styles, though this one was quite exceptional.

 Eventually, teller waves me up to counter whilst friend continues to talk. Then it looks as if friend wants to include me in on conversation. She kept looking at me as if I should also respond, which I did with a smile, although it was hard trying to look composed as friend had no eyebrows. It's hard to look at someone with no eyebrows and carry a nonchalant pose. I tried, although, her tale was about how tired she was because she couldn't sleep last night so she decided to fix the brakes on her car. Yes, you heard me. Fix breaks on car, which is a wonderful thing for a woman to know how to do. Um, two o'clock in the morning seems like an interesting time, however, but whatever floats yer boat, I says all the time.

 As we finally finish with transaction, and I start to walk away, I hear friend ask teller pal if I am one of them. Yeah, she said, "Is she one of us?" Wow. What could that mean? A teller, perhaps? A mechanic? An insomniac? An alien? It certainly had me pondering. In any event it was quite a start to my morning. And, no, I am not a sleepless mechanic/teller/alien.

I have my eyebrows.


KC said...

Weird. The people you meet! I know what you mean about the no eyebrow thing. My friend's husband lost all his hair for a while and the only part that didn't grow back was his eyebrows. It doesn't look bad, but I have the hardest time talking to him because the lack of hair where there used to be quite a lot is distracting. It's also where you get so many social cues, which I never noticed until they weren't there.

Maggie Jean said...

Oh, how true about social cues. It is rather distracting at first. There is a woman who works at the local grocery store who has alopecia(?) It was weird, but now it just is what it is.

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