Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Helpless, Helpless, Helpless

Aaaah, our very first full day of blogging. Really feels wonderful, although I already see a problem with commenting. Bugs, bugs...

How's your summer been? I cannot stand this extreme heat. I'm really looking forward to winter.

I've been doing a lot of walking, and when you walk you see a lot of interesting things, such as a couple standing on the sidewalk arguing. Well, he was arguing. She was trying to walk away. The, let's call him, arsehole, threatened to beat her up if she did not get in the car. She pleaded in a soft voice she had to go to work soon. I stood watching this for a bit when arsehole noticed me noticing him. They started walking down the sidewalk as I took out my phone. As he stood on the corner obviously waiting for me to pass them by, and seeing I was about to call 911, she backed up and I was able to pass her and ask her if she needed help. She kept her head towards the ground and didn't answer. The look on her face is something I won't forget. A look of resignation, fear, perhaps embarrassment. Again I asked if she was okay as she passed me by and stood by arsehole as he continued yelling at her.. I stood on the corner and dialed 911. He yelled something at me as they both got in his car and took off.

Later that evening I received a call from an investigator asking me questions about the couple. She was familiar with arsehole. I described the woman which puzzled the investigator because she said it didn't fit the description of the woman she talked to, who denied ever being on that street at that time. So, either the woman was lying, or she was not the same woman.

Either way, there is a woman who for some reason chose to leave with an abuser.

I don't understand that, and I never will.

I will never forget her face as she walked towards him and her fate.

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