Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shapely, Sharply and Sharks

Hmm... The claim was that she was going to swim from Cape Verde to Trinidad. That would be about 2,400 miles in the frickin' ocean, with sharks and things and shrinkage.

The only problem was that Jennifer Figge would have had to swim 90 miles a day, swimming 10 mph. to make it in the 25 days they said it was accomplished.

So, does it count if most of the time she is on a boat, and for short periods of time she climbs into a shark cage and swims with the fishies?

A writer at compared it to someone saying they were going to walk across the U.S., then on occasion got out of the car and walked a few miles, then got back in the car.

Anyway, Did you know Walter Hunt patented the safety pin on this day in 1825?

What would we do without the safety pin?

Here's another fabulous poster from Poland. I've never seen any of these movies or the TV series. Not my thing, but I love the strangeness of this design. has some more interesting movie posters from around the world. The 'Cujo' poster is well... you just gotta go look for yourself.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

The women seem to like his ... bottle

thingy said...


Sue J said...

That's an awful long way to swim.

thingy said...

Yeah, it seemed rather deceptive to me. If you wanna have a gimmick, that's okay, but don't forget to add details, like boat time and shark cages. Pfffttt.

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