Monday, February 27, 2017

Ladies Night

I had no clue the big event, no not Trump's speech, the really big event, happened last night- The Oscar's. I heard about it this morning. Sounded like one awkward night. Let's talk about the ladies...

What the frickety frack!? Fashion "experts" liked this. I say, What the frickety frack!?

Um, yeah. I sorta, kinda like the dress, but the hair. Lose, lose, lose. I don't think we'll be seeing much more of this young lady on any screen in the future.

And this style has got to go, the one shoulder peek. Pretty boring look, says, I.

Wowie, zowie, Cannot go wrong in Versace.

Gorgeous. The runner up on my short list.

And the winner....

She just emanated glamour. Winner all the way.

So, I spent about ten- fifteen minutes in La-La land. More than enough time, especially since I did not see one movie on the list.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Sunday Sermon

I'm all for people being who they gotta be. To me it is what makes the world more interesting, and a whole lot happier.

However... if you were born a boy, then want to beat up the girls, you are going to win, most of the time. You are physically stronger. It's just a fact, no matter how you want to alternate yourself and the facts.

There are some things that cannot be changed. So, how to solve this dilemma? Hell if I know. I just feel the wrestling on the playing mat is unfairly represented.

Friday, February 24, 2017

I Was Coffee Mugged

I'm gonna spill my beans, here. Crazy, I tell ya, I'm crazy. I saw an article about the new Starbuck's water bottle with the name of Lily Pulitzer on it going for double the price on Ebay- somewhere around $80 to $100, plus. I'm a little late to the Ebay party. I recently joined and have bought some nice things, although, I was never interested in Starbucks paraphernalia. Well, bust my buttons, many people are bidding on anything that holds coffee. Who knew? I don't know who Lily is, but I took a look see. I think she's dead, yet her name still sells (obviously) The problem with going on watching a happening is, one gets caught up in the maelstrom. I didn't bid on a Lily bottle, but got in on some side action and bought a used, USED, ceramic mug. I actually bought two things. I'm ashamed. I will walk the walk of group mind shame. I don't even go to Starbucks. I like their coffee, but whoopee doo, I like Folger's instant, too.

So, shame on me. Maybe it's the caffeine coursing through my bloodstream.

The one I bought- new

High bids going for this
The black cup above is a big seller. People actually watch the bidding like it was some sort of horse race. The mugs with mermaids on them are hot items, as well as mugs, cups, from other Countries.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ima Coming, George!

Wowie, zowie. It's not so bad being an Oscar loser. Your loser bag of goodies should help you get through. From a six day holiday in Hawaii, three days spying on George Clooney on Lake Como, and a ten year supply of make-up is just part of the package. You do have to pay taxes on booby prize, but still.... not bad, eh?

Only those nominated receive bags. Don't worry, those Oscar winners tend to disappear.

Speaking of losers.... what is going on with Harrison Ford? He nearly near missed a passenger plane by feet. What the hell? Time to take away his license?

Aaw, David is suffering from dementia. The Partridge Family was truly goofy and barely watchable, yet, he's from my era. It's sad to hear.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's Not Sporting

The image of Everton Luiz breaking down after an endless barrage of racist taunts from soccer fans breaks my heart. What is wrong with people? I will never understand how people can hate that much simply because of the color of one's skin. And to make it a mass participation is mind blowing.

Those who can, should stop this. Yes, it can be easily done. But, we all know why that won't happen unless there is enough outrage.

Are you outraged?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mama Bear

I have not really paid much attention to the Jolie-Pitt break-up and allegations of abuse. It's just so icky. But, in life and the media, there are some things that you just can't ignore. I have no idea what went on, who is right, who is wrong. It made me think about relationships. Clearly, Angelina Jolie chose her children over spouse. It isn't always this way. For instance, no one came between the Reagans. The spouse came first in their relationship. It's sad to think there must be choices at all, but life happens. Of course, if there is abuse going on, the children should always come first, truth should be the priority. Yet.... it isn't always the big things that break a family. Sometimes, perhaps it's a choice between a school play or an important occasion with spouse. I think at some point, people have chosen a side. And someone or some ones, lose.

As for Angelina, she is having a great time with her children, as this video will attest. And, for any person interested in Jolie, I think it is obvious who will always come first for her.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Resident President Precedence

Happy Presidents Day. Too bad we don't have one right now. Read these wise words from George.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Mystery

How does one simply vanish without a trace? I found this very interesting article regarding the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. He had gone out with friends to a bar and during that time, Brian vanished. According to the article, here, Columbus, Ohio has cameras everywhere, yet, when video was viewed after friends reported Brian missing, not a trace was found. A camera shows Brian entering the bar, but not one image of Brian leaving.

It definitely is an interesting case. What do I think? Brian's mother had died recently from a rare form of cancer. I think Brian was devastated. I am guessing he left the bar undetected (obviously) and committed suicide.

It would be nice to think he is alive. His girlfriend called his phone number six months after Brian's disappearance and heard something, some sort of connection. The phone call was traced miles from the bar.

So, That's where I would start looking, although, Brian disappeared over ten years ago. Hopefully, this mystery will be solved.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bloody "ell

How many soon to be four year olds want a cukoo clock for their birthday? Only one that I know of, and she won't be getting one from me. I have looked and looked. I simply want a bird to come out and cheep. Do you know how much cukoo clocks go for!? Thousands! What the hell! It can't be that hard. I don't need all that elaborate creepy shit on it. The cheapest I found was a plastic one going for $65. Pfffttt. Not going to happen.

Speaking of cukoos.... Why is everyone going carazzzzzyyy over Trump's hatred for the media? We knew that. Big deal. What's he going to do? Cannot stop free speech, dude.

You f-ing loon.

So, back to my dilemma. What do I get a four year old who hates everything I get her? I'll tell ya. A Peppa Pig collection of happy birthday friends.

She watches Peppa Pig so much online she has developed a fabulous English accent.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Really. Think Outside the Box

It's true. Life is stranger than fiction, sometimes. A local news story.. A guy just robbed a Walgreen's story of some of their recycled bins that were stored in the back of the store. He decided putting them over his head was a good way to transport said items, or else, he thought no one would notice a man walking in the middle of the night with a funky hat on.

Apparently, a young woman did not notice and ran robber over. Unfortunately, Karma and the Grim Reaper called his name and he succumbed to injuries.

More to the story. The young woman had no license, was allegedly drunk, and speeding.

I think this is one of those things they call, freaky.

What can we learn here, kids? Don't go stealing Walgreen bins. Don't walk in the street with bins on your head.

Look both ways. Take a taxi.

Oh, so many rules.