Friday, January 20, 2017

Update on my Town, Now Called Skittleland

What the hell? I thought my land was cheddarland. Seems I was wrong- again. We are the land of red skittles. Did you know? I did not know. Good thing I'm a vegetarian. I don't want to get diabetes.

But I digest, uh, digress...

Yes, I watched most of the travesty which happened today. Very staid and stoic, I must say. If only I could read lips. I cried when Mr. Obama left.

Now, about that special where Erin Moriarity came to interview some folks in our town...

I'm kinda pissed. She talked to some old white people who say they are concerned about jobs. Seriously!? What the hell do they have to worry about? They're frickin' old people on social security. Really, worried about jobs. Did you see any young people there? People of color? As Moriarity said, Kenosha is doing better than the rest of the country when it comes to jobs. We have a giant Amazon facility which I myself keep in business. Frankly, I was disappointed but not surprised by the opinion of the boomers.

And did you see Paul Ryan!? That cat swallowed the bird. Gahd, and this was day one.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Coming to my Town

I wasn't even going to turn on the talky box tomorrow for the circus until I noticed an article in the local paper which noted 48 Hours was in town to talk about Trump. They came to my town because this has been democratic country since 1972. It also is a very divided town. 255 votes changed history, here. According to this link to story, some people at the Coffee Pot would not even talk because of family differences over who should rule this country. It's sad to see that people expect this town to go backwards. (Read between the lines) I have no idea who they interviewed, but I do know the only time I was a customer at the Coffee Pot, the only person of color was outside, sweeping the sidewalk. Hey, I love this town. I feel bad when I'm strolling along downtown, I wonder about the people I see. Did he vote for him? Did she? Life is tough and there are no miracle workers. If this town is expecting one, I hope for them life gets better. I hope for all of us it does not get worse. 48 Hours, with, Erin Moriarity will be shown at 7pm, on CBS.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Need More Than an Inch to Satisfy Me

Ugh. I don't know about you but I have never had an orgasmic moment whilst nibbling on a one inch (wait for it) piece of chocolate, or one of those fiber bars that taste like glue and cardboard. I'm really sick of these stupid commercials which show women lingering over a tiny morsel and then smiling as if in Nirvana. Give me a break. If it's her thirtieth piece, perhaps, but no one can feel such pleasure over a stinky little bite. Get real, ad marketers. Do you really think we are fooled by such nonsense?
I want a commercial where the woman eats a whole bag of Reese's buttercups. She's happy in the moment, oh, so happy, yes better than sex, happy, but like a one night stand, she feels remorse later. But, will she stop? Hell no. Hence the fiber bars. Maybe you can combine the two.

Make it real, folks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Dozey Do'h Olympics

Ha! Here's a video and the story about a mom trying to sneak out of baby's room without waking him up.

Been there. It's amazing what your body can do when you are trapped with a finally sleeping child and now need to move without disturbing the imp.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm Ready For The Game

Oh, it's an exciting day in Cheddarland. We will be in front of our talky boxes, watching the Packers kick some Cowboy arse. But, what about the food, dear Thingy, you ask? I have it covered kids. (((wink, wink))) Of course, we must have cheese curds. I never heard of these exotic creations until I moved from the Flatlands to my beloved adopted land of cheese, porno shops, brews, and cows. But, what else is on my list, you ask? Hmmm.. perhaps this 1970's recipe guide would help. Aaah, nothing like contented guests and a belly full of curds and mystery meat.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

So Much Time Put Into This Silliness by Moi

. .

I love Monopoly. Good memories I have with the game, plus it's fun, especially on a snowy day, playing with your angst ridden teenager who hates everything about me, but when we play this game, it's like a truce has been set.

Hey, Monopoly needs ideas for new game pieces. I saw many of the pieces suggested. As much as I love the game are we forgetting what it's about. People flipping houses. People going to jail for fraud. People sticking their paws in the company kitty. So let's get real about those pieces, shall we?

So sorry, something happening here. Anyway, spent way too much time on this poke. Kim, Kim, Putin, You know who, Hillary and a homeless man. Yeah, let's get real.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All The News You Need, Today

Before I go where I want to go, I've been pondering....Why do the characters on Big Bang wear jackets?

There was a scene where Sheldon and Amy are driving somewhere, both wearing jackets whilst Sheldon is giving a weather report. It's 79 degrees!! Here in Cheddarland, that's a frickin' heat wave. We'd be out in shorts if it got as high as 56. I know it's not just a tv thing. A relative mentioned visiting folks in Arizona and these people complained it was too chilly because it was in the 60's.

It's a very odd dilemma.

Anyhoo... I found a new website, kids! Oh boy. It's the Bali Elephant Cam.

Oh, you peeked. I actually spent hours watching people (employees) walk back and forth. Then they brought out the elephants and brought them to the pond where tourists got on and rode around whilst the elephants bathed, then they rode around some more and mostly men walked the path, one man sweeping the trail with an old school broom. It was awesome! Don't go there now (9am, my time) The ellies are sleeping.

Speaking of tourists... I've been reading, 'Innocents Abroad,' by Mark Twain,

where he travels the whole half of the other side of the world (for a mere, $1,250) He's a great writer, but to me reading this is so disturbing because he is such a racist. His whole group of traveling assholes are horrible. Ugh.

One more thing before I go. Sometimes my dreams are a tad too realistic. My first job was cleaning rooms in a hotel. I still dream I'm cleaning rooms. The detail is too real.

I still can see myself picking up shoes and making beds and pulling out a dog from under the bed. Where did that come from? I don't want to clean and it feels so good to wake up and realize I don't have to clean other people's crap, although I feel quite exhausted.

One very last thing. Can you break a rib from coughing?

The worst of my bronchitis is gone, yet, when I cough now, it hurts terribly right in the rib part. Just pondering...

Ahem, one very, very last thing. I found this photo of our former president, Millard Fillmore.

Doesn't someone who is portraying our future dictator look like him?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Can't See The Googlers Through The Trees

Dear Googlers,

  I know it's a good thing to keep your employees happy and busy, especially the tech crazy. If you didn't give them legal work to do, they'd be hacking sites and storing our money into Swiss bank accounts. You are messing with me, today. Did other bloggers have the same problem trying to get to their blog, or are you just playing with my head? I don't want an assistant to help me through the forest, just get me to my blog!

I'm old. Let me have my tiny little piece of the world and quit making me lose my way. I do not want to end up in that Cloud.

Thingy, aka, Maggie Jean

Monday, January 9, 2017

Burning Fences or Frankfurters or Something

What the hell? A Bush girl in tears because she got reamed on Twitter. Twitter is the new Gladiator vs. Lion. She's right, she is not perfect and no one is, and I'm sick of people hiding behind the internet to point and jeer. See what ya got me doing, defending a Bush! (and pointing and jeering) (((sniff, sniff)))