Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Elders

Oh Lordy, the day has come. Let me take you back to last night's party conversation~~~~~~~~~

Guest: "Oh, does your arm hurt? What doctor are you seeing?"

Me: "Doctor Cutie."

Sister One: "The same thing happened to me. My goiter fell out and had to be replaced with hog bones."

Sister Two: "My spine is made from a towel rack. It's not easy, but I get by." (((sigh)))

Me: "I need some metal and scews and super glue put in my wrist or it will eventually fall off."

Guest: "Oh, I know Dr. Cutie! He drilled the bone nuggets out of my leg, so now I can only walk the two step."

I knew what was happeneing but could not stop the direction of the conversation. If I could have moved to where the young kids were hiding out I would have, but my knee was siezing up.

Sister One: "...and I've had worms for three weeks, now..."


  1. Dr.Cutie sounds a ....erm.....great practitioner. Quite a fascinating party this!

  2. Hilarious!! I rolled on the floor and laughed my butt off! I'm going to need to see a doctor now....

  3. Sometimes "How are you" should be scrubbed from polite conversation :)


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