Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dem Bones...

I'm not happy. Yesterday, I saw the bone doctor. I have a shattered wrist. He says I need a plate. A plate! WTF!! The insurance company, who insures said redidence of which upon I fell, says, yes, they will the medical bills up to a certain amount. BUT, they are not liable says claims adjuster. In other words, you don't get no pain and suffering moola. Right now I will tell you I have never sued anyone in my life. I blame me when I screw up. However, I do believe this is different. The residence was negligent. They did not use due diligence or precautions regarding ice on sidewalk. The amount they are offering will not even cover medical expenses.

What I wanna know, I wanna know, how can they say they are not liable yet have decided to pay my medical expenses-up to a point??




  1. Unfortunately, this is why we need lawyers. It sounds like- though liable- they don't even want to cover your expenses with the doctors/hospital. This is unacceptable. Get a lawyer. They have one and they're counting on you not and being the willing victim they want you to be.

    This is what frosts me about "tort reform". They've got people thinking that people are getting rich off of wrongful deaths and accidents when the reality is they (the insurance companies) simply do not want to pay for ANYTHING. Everyone knows a hospital visit is expensive. They want to cap Thingy's Hospital Adventure because it's insanely expensive...which isn't Thingy's fault.

  2. Not surprising, but very frustrating. I don't know why it is so hard for people to do the right thing! Well, because they think they're right, but still, have some compassion! I hope you are at least on the mend. I'm pulling for you.

  3. I'd wrack up some hefty medical bills with my meds and health past (and future!) I guess I should be grateful for our NHS in Britain. It's a shitty system at times that we have to put up with, mind you.

  4. On the other hand....having a...plate.... installed on your hand could come dinnertime. When life gives you lemons....

  5. Aren't sidewalks the responsibility of the council rather than residents? If they've agreed to pay your medical expenses then that should mean ALL of them, not up to a certain point. Insurance companies are so weasly!

    1. Good question, Sue. I know residents are responsible for keeping sidewalks in front of their residence or business clear. I know if I had fallen two steps further into alleyway they would not be responsible. It's weird.


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