Saturday, January 26, 2013

You had To Be There

Oooh, now I remember what I found so funny, Maybe not to you... I was standing at the bus station, waiting for the #4, when I noticed an odd sign just above the, 'NO SKATEBOARDING!' It read, 'No solicitation and/or distribution of literature on transit property.'

What kind of literature do they mean? Weird porn that you can't buy at the corner gas station, like women with three or more boobs (Still a bad moment in my yoot when my girlfriend and I rummaged through her brother's dresser drawers) Perhaps, some commie propaganda? I'm really not sure what it means. I do know folks don't read signs anyway. I realized this as I read the large 'NO SMOKING' sign that was nailed just above a two foot pile of cigarette butts.

Anyhoo, the music man has a funny song about commies and paranoia.

Also, let's here it for Sheyboygan, home of 'Gus Polinski.'



  1. Sheboygan looks lovely this time of year!

  2. They might want to put an ash can beneath the no smoking sign, otherwise they're just asking for it.

    Brilliant song selection too!

    So now I’m sittin’ home investigatin’ myself -- hope I don’t find out anything! I love that line.

    And all hail the happy wanderers. SCTV helped make me who i am today; yes i blame them. I totally loved that show. John Candy, RIP.

  3. It really isn't.

    SCTV was so different, like aliens from another world. Or, Canadians.


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