Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What A Racket

Nope. Brad has refused to run one more rinse. I pleaded and begged, but to no avail. There are a few things I would prefer never to partake in life. One, the DMV. Two, the dentist. Three, the laundromat.

I enjoy doing laundry. Just not at a laundromat. Must hearken back to my yoot. I remember for a long time, Mom had one of those wringer wash machines. When that went, she had to lug dirty clothes to the local mat. I only have my clothes to wash. Mom had to wash for seven people. It was the worst. Tired kids and smelly clothes, in a creepy place. She never went in the daytime. Always at night. Ick.

So, I kicked Brad a fond farewell and forced myself to haul my stuff to you know where after I looked in my closet and found a 70's poncho and red capri pants. I considered it for a moment, but finally sighed and heaved the dirty laundry to the 'place.'

The first thing I managed to do was ruin a machine by putting quarters in the slot instead of Susan B. Anthony dollars. The laundromat is the only place, I believe where you can still get dollar coins and Sacajawea coins. After the 'manager' (a ten year old boy) fixed the machine after rolling his eyes, I managed to get my loads into the wash. Damn. Forgot to bring reading material, so I glanced to see what was on the twelve giant TVs hanging from the ceiling by tiny threads. Hard not to notice them since they were so loud, and in Spanish. I only know a smattering of Spanish I am ashamed to say, but looking at the screen, I really didn't need subtitles. The language of soap operas transcend to all nations.

I was intrigued with Spanish soaps. They aren't all that different from the ones Mom used to watch. The men were just as unattractive as their American speaking counterparts. But, the women....

I couldn't help staring at them. They wore tiny outfits, with breasts, the focal points. Yet their faces were covered with a one inch slab of foundation, mascara, glitter eye shadow, and more foundation.

Wow. It was confusing at first to follow the story line. Some ugly Betty type woman cried and cried over some man who seemed to love her even if she was ugly. But then the man was seen with a very pretty girl and said sweet things to her, as well.

THEN, the squinty eyed man and the pretty girl are in an elevator smooching and the girl looks at her reflection in the shiny wall and sees herself as the ugly Betty girl! I need more dirty laundry so I can watch the rest.

Wow. The Obama family looked awesome! LOL. Did you see Michelle's eye roll at the luncheon where she was seated between the President and Boehner? Heelarious. I love that lady.
Do you really care if Beyonce lip-synced? Who cares.
Uh-oh. I hate to see athletes react like sore losers. WTF, Serena?


  1. lol.......I often wonder what happened to The Bold and the Beautiful and if Fridge and Foreign Forrester would still in it. No amount of soap powder could remove the stains from that show!

  2. I have no time for show ponies who have petulant frenzies. John McEnroe started it all. What happened to good sportsmanship?
    That bloody woman who can't hit a ball without shrieking like a banshee should be banned too.
    I am sick of tennis, cricket and all other sports. There seems to be nothing else for the viewing public at the moment.

  3. The eye roll was awesome. I wish I knew what Boner said to her.

    I didn't watch a great deal of the inauguration festivities but, I can't fault Beyonce for phoning it in. I wouldn't think the venue was conducive to sounding one's best. Now, if it was Milli Vanilli...

  4. I always wanted to write a story about Laundromats but now you've gone & beaten me to it. Seriously, you captured it. Re Beyonce: your response you will admit is the majority one. Bit mine is to say, OK, I guess now only really old farts like me & James Taylor think that if the singer and the media covering her are acting and praising her performance as if she's performing live, then it probably should BE live rather than fake-live. But that's just me & James, & we'll be dead soon :-)

    Love your blog, thingy, but you know that.

  5. LOL. Susan Lucci is still going strong, forty plus years later. Crazy.

    I was rather shocked to see such behavior from her. Sad.

    LOL. I love looking at her eye roll.

    Aaaww, you are the best, Mr. Who. You have your own style, which I love. I'd love to read about your laundromat encounters.

    How did I miss James Taylor!?

  6. FWIW, I read that a lip-reader 'read' it as Boner asking Barack if he had had a chance to sneak a smoke or "if someone had stopped him..." Someone being Michelle.

    Kinda fits. After all the political drama visited on her husband by that particular jerk and his friends, for Boner to act like they're at a backyard barbaque and it's all jocular fun, he's lucky Michelle didn't bitch-slap him!


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