Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Going Back. Okay, Maybe a Little

Some things never change
Aaah, 2013. I'm looking forward to you. Did you all have a nice trip into the new year? It was very quiet where I lived. Hmm... No banging pots and pans. No shooting guns in the air. No drunkards screaming down the street. This new environment is very strange, indeed.

I still get a kick out of the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial, made in 1985. The dude, Bob Zajdel, a former worker at the junk yard, does not get any extra money each time the ad is shown. He'd be a millionaire if he was.

Worst New Year's Party, back in the day. Driving to inlaws for bar party. Car kept breaking down on expressway every time I put on brakes. Hubby drove ahead and soon forgot his newlywed wifey. Finally made it to 'party' where the food was gone. The patrons were drunk and so we all got into the car of a drunk relative and swerved down the block to get to another bar. After more beverages, Mom-in-law comes out of alley with a bloody nose. I then try to sleep whilst the outlaws argue about old grudges, then put shaving cream on the fool who fell asleep.

This is why I stay home.

Ever heard of Laurie Notaro? Me neither, until I read one of her best selling books. She's a funny/crass, kind of lady.

I also finished Ranulph Fiennes (not the daddy of two Fiennes boys) who had a different take on the Scott/Amundsen race to Antarctica.

Gentoo penguins near the O'Higgin's German Research Center in Antarctica

He says Scott was sorely abused by certain biographers, especially, Roland Huntford, who completely tore down Scott, accusing him of being a bumbling fool. Well, they ain't here to talk, but many of the surviving party did keep journals. Some critical of Scott's leadership. Fiennes reasons this as just plain disgruntlement, the boys getting sick and tired of their little home away from home.

I thought Fiennes book was the most well written of the over half dozen books I have read about the two men. He took time to research, plus, he is an explorer, himself. Been there. Done that. Albeit, with better equipment, but same vast, empty, cold space. I thought he dismissed the words of Scott's former crew a little too lightly, but I have respect for Fiennes when he states honestly he goes to the extreme parts of the world for money. (Unlike silly people who claim they are trying to raise awareness of both poles sad state, by traipsing all over them. What bunk.)

Anyway, if you like that sort of read (you know I do) then check out, 'Race to the Pole'.

Hey, so far so good, this new year. Still on the edge of the cliff, though. Hang on folks.

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